If men’s wearhouse near me appointment you are considering using Men’s Wearhouse please read this first!!! Weddings, Planning Wedding Forums WeddingWire
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If men’s wearhouse near me appointment you are considering using Men’s Wearhouse please read this first!!! Weddings, Planning Wedding Forums WeddingWire
I agree regarding th rudeness as well. I don't care how bad a day you are having, if you are in a position that provides customer service you need to be courteous and professional and he was neither. I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that trouble. They spelled my sons name incorrectly but it's no big deal to me. Its not like his name is going to be embroidered on the suit . I just know that when I go in to make a payment, I make sure I give them the name that it is under and let them know that it really is bc they misspellled it. I too was told that it couldnt be changed. But I woldnt give myself a headache over it. @Jen H.- I not once was rude or raised my voice with these people. The name issue was only a small part of the overall concern which was the rudeness and lack of customer service. If you look back to my previous posts, I am aware that this may be an isolated incident to this store; however, if I let people know what my issue was they may be able to prevent it from happening by being more careful, checking and double checking the receipts. Venues Find your wedding venue Barns & Farms Gardens Beaches Rooftops & Lofts Hotels Waterfronts Wineries & Breweries Parks Country Clubs Mansions Historic Venues Boats Restaurants Museums Banquet Halls Churches & Temples Vendors Start hiring your vendors Photography DJ Wedding Planning Catering Flowers Videography Officiant Complete your wedding team Whenever I have a problem with a large company like this, I very calmly ask to speak to management. And if that person is unhelpful, then you just go on up the chain until you get someone who CAN help you. ARE YOU A VENDOR? 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I will say that the last time I called they finally fixed the name, but after the way the manager spoke to my mother and I there was no way that we would continue using their services. I agree with you 100% about the rudeness. I wouldn't tolerate it either. IF there is nothing wrong with the actual Tux you are renting, why not just save yourself some headache and use the name they incorrectly put in the sytsem. After the wedding you won't be dealing with them anyway and you'll avoid frustration by their incompentence. Just tell you groomsmen/Father/ring bearer to just ask for the Centry/Close reservation. Unless you need to show ID to pay for and pick up the goods, I'd just roll with it but complain to coporate after the fact. I'm with Amy on this one. You can't really blanket all Men's Warehouses with how this one is. Same with David's Bridal. Each shop will have different management and employees, etc. WeddingWire celebrates love ...and so does everyone on our site! Learn more Groups Lauren i feel your pain. I also went with them for my tux. My fiance brother got fitted and notice they had ask him to put on a black suit instead of a brown suit. My fiance called to fixed the problem. Then when I went with my brother to get him fixed they were taking to long because their system was down. Later that day I got a call from the vendor stating the did not have my brother shoes size when he was fitted for that as well. At the point I was like what in the world is wrong with these people. Ideas Get wedding inspiration Planning Basics Wedding Ceremony Wedding Reception Wedding Services Health & Beauty Wedding Fashion Destination Weddings Family & Friends Events & Parties Married Life Real Weddings Find wedding inspiration that fits your style with photos from real couples I have to say that our fittings didnt take long @ all. @ Mrs. Lemmon- I had no problem with the long fitting really I wanted everything to be right, but they initially had my FH marked as a 48 when he wears a 34. Luckily though I caught that one. 27 Comments 1 2 Next Latest activity by Lauren, on May 6, 2012 at 8:23 PM Dedicated June 2012 Lauren · on May 4, 2012 at 8:49 AM Flag So a few days later the other GM and the FIL went in to get fitted for their tuxes and they were told that there was no reservation in the system. They called me and I gave them the reservation number and they found the reservation never mentioning that it was under the wrong name or why they couldn't find it to begin with. So a week later my dad went in to get his tux and again we had the same problem; however, my mom figured out why they couldn't find it. Once she realized what the problem was she asked the man to fix it and he refused saying that it couldn't be altered at this point. Also while my parents were waiting a young man came in to get his prom tux and they had spelled his name wrong on his reservation and it took them 45 minutes to realize what they had done and find the tux. So this was all in the beginning of April. Well, last week my ring bearer went in to get fitted for just a shirt I'm really sorry that you had to deal with all of that so close to your wedding day. I just wanted to put it out there that these kinds of things really depend on your particular store. The employees at the MW near me that we used for our wedding were very professional and helpful. Since he already has a tux from a wedding this month. They told his mother that no one in our party had been in to get fitted and chewed her out and said that we needed to get in immediately. She called me very upset and so I called Men's Wearhouse to get everything taken care of. The man on the phone was completely indifferent to my problem. I tried to remain calm and refrained from cussing him out but I told him that this whole process had been incredibly stressful and frustrating and he said fine and hung up. Then my mother called up there and talked with the manager about our situation and he simply replied "what do you want me to do about it?" So at that point we decided to get our money back and go to Jos A Banks. At this point I had decided that I would pay everyone back and start over if I had to. Needless to say canceling our order was the easiest part of the whole process. I don't mean to unneccesarily bash a company; however, I wanted to let you ladies know about my issues! The characters written do not match the verification word. Try again. men's wearhouse near me appointment Choose a country United States © 2021 WeddingWire I don't think it is MW as a whole, it is just staffing @ particular locations. If men's wearhouse near me appointment you are considering using Men's Wearhouse please read this first!!! Weddings, Planning Wedding Forums WeddingWire
If men's wearhouse near me appointment you are considering using Men's Wearhouse please read this first!!! Weddings, Planning Wedding Forums WeddingWire
Log in Join now Forums Planning Discussions If you are considering using Men's Wearhouse please read this first!!! Dedicated June 2012 If you are considering using Men's Wearhouse please read this first!!! Lauren , on May 4, 2012 at 8:45 AM Posted in Planning 0 27 Saved Save Reply Flag I have been planning my wedding for a little over a year now and we are just a little over a month away! I am very exciting and most things have gone unbelievably easily. The tuxes have been the one thing that really have caused me problems. I would let the local ladies know WHICH Men's Warehouse this is, because outside of the name issue it sounds like the employees and manager were less than helpful. If I was working there I would have just said "Once it's in the system we can't change it...so in the future just ask for the "Centry/Close" order and you shouldn't have any problems." But I don't work there...maybe I should! lol Forums Forums Planning Wedding Attire Honeymoon Community Conversations Wedding Reception Wedding Ceremony Married Life Family and Relationships Etiquette and Advice Parties and Events Style and Décor Fitness and Health Hair and Makeup Registry Local Groups View the latest
Right, I'm just saying...give the location so that brides in the area will know. I think I would have taken my business elsewhere as well! I'm glad that JAB has been good to you. We are thinking of going there as well. =) I realize this is not all Men's Wearhouse stores and this may be an isolated incident; however, I think its important for us to let one another know when we have these issues. Also, I could just be being a major bridezilla and if thats the case I apologize. And also, I understand the customer service issue. An employee should have NEVER treated you that way, or hung up on you! You have every right to be pissed. I'm just saying, when that happens to me I just start going up the chain...until I get someone who is reasonable! =) @Rowena G.- I would have dealt with the incorrect name if they had not been ugly to members of my bridal party. The managers response was the last straw though. It was completely unprofessional. I will say that I've spoken with some executives about this and they have been apologetic; however, for me I was so disgruntled with the service that I decided it would be better for both parties if we went elsewhere because I was getting to a point where I was not going to be able to deal with them calmly for much longer. I do have to give credit to my FH because he stepped in and dealt with the cancellation calmly explaining all of the issues and so that was a relief for me that I didn't have to do it. =) Dresses The latest in bridal fashion Bride Bridesmaid Dresses Engagement Rings Featured designers Had the same problem all i did was call them back and they fixed it...Just like DB not all Men's warehouse's are the same they are run differently.. fitting takes FOREVER which is a good thing to me it means they are taking their time to make sure the sizes are right We decided to go with Men's Wearhouse for the tuxes because we got a great deal through a bridal show that I attended. I went online and scheduled an appointment for me, my FH, and his BM. When we got there, it was as if they had no idea that we were coming. We got fitted which took quite a long time and filled out the forms and they put our info into the computer. In hindsight I definitely should have paid closer attention to the man putting everything in but the receipt that I got looked correct. Well he put my groom's name in correct but the group name which should have been Gentry/Close was put in as Centry/Close. This should not have been a problem but this one typo caused me more stress and aggravation than you can imagine. (cont. in comment I would definitely encourage brides to pay close attention when they are shopping around for tuxes, just like any other wedding vendor, and to go with the vendor that seems the best fit for you, but not all MW have the problems you described. @Jen H- They have been super nice and we get our tuxes in four days before the wedding instead of two. They also give you two days to return your tux!! @Lauren my FH was in a suppose to be in a wedding that got called off and the tuxes were from MW. I didn't go with when they all got fitted but he told me they were really rude. When we went back for the refund when the wedding was called off we had to sit for about 30 minutes because they too spelled FH's name wrong. Finally FH found the mistake on his receipt and then it was a breeze to get the money back. One to happier things! One more thing checked off my list! can you return a bathing suit to target !